Since its establishment in Dammam in 1940, Saeed Ali Ghodran Group has been a model of success

SGG core activities focused on FMCG, barley, industry, and media.

Since its establishment in Dammam in 1940 by Sheikh Saeed Ali Ghodran, the Saeed Ali Ghodran Group has been a model of success, both when it started its core activities focused on the sugar, barley, and rice trade, or today when its activities and investments expanded to various sectors and investment fields in trade, industry, tourism and media.

Relying on its previous success and large assets, the company strives to achieve sustainable growth and profitability, based on compliance with best practices and standards and backed by its employees’ commitment to exceptional performance standards to achieve the highest results, core values and competencies.

In the year 2017 and as per the desire of the company partners the company decided to increase its participation in the Renaissance of the Kingdom, which began to take a new approach positively and effectively with the launch of Vision 2030 was transferred from “Saeed Ali Ghodran Limited” company, to “Saeed Ali Ghodran and Sons group closed joint stock”.

Which was adopted governance compliance and elected New Board of Directors, and internal and external Auditor, and a new CEO were recently appointed to launch a five-year business strategy aimed to ensure growth across all business sectors.


One of our main business lines is the manufacturing of potato chips. The factory offers a wide range of products such as Cocktail Chips, Marhaba, Billy and Khawatim with different delicious flavors and seasonings. The production and packaging lines in the factory are from UK, Italy, Czech Republic, USA & Netherlands.


Founded in 2012. Theme is the effortlessly stylish and extraordinary wedding planner, designer, and executer of stunning elegant weddings that brings innovation, elegance and creativity to constantly deliver their client's aspirations with more than 9 years’ experience


Established in 1980. National Est. for Agricultural and Industrial Sulphur (NEAIS) has been manufacturing and exporting its products worldwide. Thanks to the commitment and high performance of its team, NEAIS has successfully sustained its relationship with its partners and retained its satisfied clients.


Being one of the highest type of food in demand foods to feed livestock in the kingdom, We have given special attention to barley trade, importing large quantities and distributing it in all parts of the Kingdom for many years up to 2010, and setting up many Barley packing stations in Jeddah, Dammam, Jubail, Yanbu & Jouda.