Ahmed Ghodran, President of ALQadsiah Club said: The first division of the league is full of surprises and institutional work ensures that the team stays for years in the league and the club is active in all different games and we are working to open channels with businessmen to invest in the club.
ALQadsiah Club and Saeed Ghodran Group signed a new sponsorship contract for Saeed Ghodran Group as a platinum sponsor. Al-Qadsiah was represented in the signature by the CEO of the club, Mr. Nayef Al-Saheb, while Saeed Ghodran Group was represented by Mr. Saeed Essam Ghodran, General Manager of Public Relations of SGG.
The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), has chosen prominent Saudi businessman Ghodran Saeed Ghodran as one among more than 20 most influential personalities in the economic, social, humanitarian, youth, and sports fields across the Arab world. The UN body’s selection is also based on his outstanding contributions in supporting programs of education, peace,
Theme has a goal to reach the satisfaction of its customers as they look forward to it, and started from the ideal place and through the team with more than 15 years’ experience where we work on the idea together from start to finish, which ensures that your event is unique, alive and perfectly executed.
Ghodran factory for light food products, is a leading manufacturer of potato chips, corn puffs, cube sugar, sachet sugar and juice. having established in the year 1979: outstanding industry innovation has been recorded, especially in devising high standard in our chips production as a leading manufacturer, we provide a dedicated and sincere service to all
At NEAIS (National Est. for Agricultural and Industrial Sulphur factory), our aim is not only meet but exceed our customers highest expectations. We are committed to the future of this industry and will continue to explore new technologies that promote this global trade . The quality of our products has been recognized amongst the highest
Ghodran General Hospital Established at 1998 in Al Bahah Region south of Saudi Arabia. Inaugurated by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz -when he was Crown Prince – and since thatmoment the hospital plays a vital role and an actor in providing the finest medical services to residents and Bahah visitors.The hospital includes many 207 rooms including
Barely & Grain Being one of the best and the most required foods to feed cattle in the kingdom, The group has given special attention to barleytrade, importing large quantities and distributing it in all parts of the Kingdom, and setting up many Barley packing stations inseveral cities such as Jeddah, Dammam, Jubail and Yanbu.After